(Preview) Action Jackson Tool: 90 Day Challenge

There is nothing more compelling than a visual scoreboard to rally your team around accomplishing:

  • Progress in the mired down middle of a long unrelenting slog – when the gush of the vision of glory is now barely trickle
  • An important but not urgent strategic goal that has been repeatedly backburnered
  • What feels like a “Mission Impossible” - usually a short-term heavy lift project with high expectations
  • An outcome that requires everyone to jump in and make it happen

Consider a “90-Day Challenge.” This timeframe is both worthy and winnable. What could your team meaningfully rally around and accomplish in 90 days towards one of your annual goals or mission? Think of something bigger than “bite-size” but not so big that you’re taking on the whole elephant. Now create your scoreboard and make it visible to the whole team. (If you have an office setting – I recommend an old school whiteboard/flipchart paper in a common space – if you’re a remote team, then find a frequented daily spot on your intranet.)

Aspects of a Great Scoreboard:

  • Give it a fun playful memorable title
  • At the top of the scoreboard put your magic number/outcome and the finish-line date
  • Just below succinctly state why this matters – even better if you can make it into a mantra (should connect to the warm gooey center of your mission)
  • Then think through all of the bite-size process steps to get you there – put those on the scoreboard
  • Have a count-down of the number of days until the finish-line
  • Create some sort of measurable scale that can be filled in as progress is made – rather that’s through the bite-size process steps or the actual measurable outcomes. For example:
    • Drawing in faces into the windows of a school bus
    • Filling in measurable increases on a thermometer, rocket ship launch pad, football field
    • Coloring in apples on an apple tree
    • Adding steps to a ladder that reaches the stars (moonshot goal)
  • Lastly on the bottom, put all the positive tangible, intangible, intrinsic, extrinsic impacts and rewards that will result from accomplishing the work – what does accomplishing this make possible for the team, the organization, the clients etc.? For example pride, expansion of the mission, ability to serve 2X as many people, day off of vacation…